Announcing our Workshop schedule!

After lots of coordinating with some of the most talented people we know, we could not be more excited to announce our fall workshop series!

All our workshops will take place in that big, secret space that hides in the back of the shop (you know, the one you sort of peek into if we leave the door ajar while we're wrapping up your purchase?). We've had so much fun at the shop events we've hosted over the past year or so that we wanted to do some even lovelier things with you! 

Here's a little peek of the workshops we've got lined up:

Knitting Great Gifts with Maura Kirk: Know how to knit but not so much that you ever really knit anything useful? Knitting expert and all around creative wonderlady Maura Kirk is leading a series of workshops to bring out your inner knitting champion, just in time for you to make something just lovely to give as a gift for the holidays (or keep for yourself!). Find more information, like dates and pricing, here!

Creating Cyanotype Silk Scarves with Mere Langer: Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a gorgeous cyan blue prints by exposure to the sun. Join us on (what will hopefully be) a sunny Saturday October afternoon and learn how cyanotypes are created, and make a one of a kind cyanotype silk scarf to take home. Find more information, like dates and pricing, here!

Stellar Gift Giving Workshops with Anna DeMarco-Mills of the New Old Fashioned: You know those people who show up to every gathering with the most perfect gift, personalized and packaged just so elegantly? Anna is one of those people, and in these workshops, she'll share all her tips and tricks for not only selecting and curating great gifts (even on a budget!), but on how to present gifts and create stunning gift baskets. We're so excited for this series, since we're big fans of putting together lots of thoughtful pieces to make a great personalized gift. Find more information, like dates and pricing, here!

Holiday Card Writing Party with Sara Villari: Simply bring a list of your friends & family that you'd like to send cards to, and we'll help you with the rest! We'll have fun pens and markers, elegant stickers and ribbons, a generous discount on all our boxed cards in the shop, USPS stamps, and lots of mulled wine & music. All you have to do is show up (bring a friend or two!) and we'll make this task the most easy and fun thing you do all season. Find more information, like dates and pricing, here!

All our workshops will include cocktails, refreshments, and a discount for purchases made in the shop the day of the workshop. Email if you have any questions at all. We're looking forward to getting to spend more time with you!