My Nature Sticker Activity Book

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These books are great time-passers and companions for outdoor explorations! Each book is filled with colorful illustrations, stickers and activities for kids. Even better, every page includes educational information about the creatures listed.

Here's a peek from At the Seashore: "Where is the crab hiding? A crab has ten legs and it moves sideways (it sidles). As it grows, it outgrows its shell and leaves it behind. Then it is all soft and hides under a rock until its new shell hardens. There are several species of crab. The biggest kind is the brown crab. They are very slow moving. Use stickers to stick on the crab's missing body parts. Color the other crabs, following the color code."

• Recommended for ages 5 and up
• Includes 120 stickers, 24 activities and 1 quiz
• 8.8" x 0.1" x 12"

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