Roland Pine Candle and Soap Gift Set

$ 36.00

Soap and candles? Together? In one adorable little package? We love it. Each gift contains the loveliest bar of shea butter soap and a matching Roland Pine votive candle. (Did we mention it's pretty much our favorite candle to pine over in the winter?!) Perfect gift set for your bestie, coworker, neighbor - really, anyone! Each one burns clean and fragrant with bright notes of Siberian fir, pine and cilantro for an extra kick.

• Listing includes one 9.5 oz. soy candle and a bar of scented shea butter soap in a pretty, decorative cellophane wrap
• Each candle burns approx. 65 hours
• USA-sourced soy wax
• Cotton wick
• Vegan, cruelty free, no dyes, paraben free, phthalate free, petrochemical free
• Made in New York