Candle Making Kit

$ 32.00

Make your own artisan candle in a vessel you love! Repurpose a pretty jar or bowl and fill it up with 32 ounces of evergreen-scented soy wax.

• Candle kit includes soy wax cubes, blended fragrance and botanical oils, cotton wicks and instructions.
• Made in Georgia in small batches

Scents available include: 

  • red currant: apples, oranges, currants, herbaceous florals, forest pine and geranium petals 
  • Indian sandalwood: essence of sandalwood oil, bergamot and juniper
  • campfire:  birch, cedar, clove and sandalwood, hints of vetiver and musk
  • grapefruit pine:  Grapefruit, plum, Siberian fir, musk and sandalwood
  • bougainvillea:  bergamot and star anise laced with vanilla orchid, tuberose, jasmine and amber

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