Occasionette Open Call 2020

Occasionette Open Call 2020 by the numbers

Thank you so much to everyone who applied and who helped us spread the word! We believe transparency is important, and so we wanted to share with you some of the numbers from this year's Open Call event. 

We pledged to do at least 50% of our Open Call spending with BIPOC owned and operated businesses this year, and feel it's important to follow up with details. 

  • Total number of applications received: 102
  • Total number of BIPOC owned business applications received: 29
  • Number of vendors we placed orders with: 16
  • Number of BIPOC vendors we placed orders with: 10
  • Total buying outlay for 2020 Open Call purchase orders: $9161
  • Total for orders placed with BIPOC owned businesses: $6287 (68%)

We received so many really great applications this year (so many stationery lines! Word must be out about how much we love cards!) and it was a lot of tough decisions to narrow down all the applications to choose which orders to place.

I'm always hesitant to call our new vendors "winners" because this process isn't a contest - it's business! The vendors who received purchase orders didn't just get lucky - they work hard, have product lines that are a good fit for our shops, their pricing is in line with our budget and price range, and presented us with all the necessary information to make buying decisions. If you applied but didn't receive a purchase order, please know that we absolutely keep all Open Call information and will check the vendor list when we do another round of buying!

We'll share images of the new products and more information on the vendors from this year's Open Call event over the next few months on our instagram @occasionette

What is Occasionette Open Call?

At Occasionette, we've always filled the shops with goods that we believe make great gifts. We receive a lot of suggestions about lines and products we should carry, especially from artists and makers, and so we've decided it would be fun to hold an open call for new product lines for Occasionette this holiday season. Open Call is closed for 2020 but will happen again mid-year 2021.