Aged & Infused Liquor Infusion Kit

$ 26.50

The prettiest infusion kits! You'll absolutely push these to the front of your bar cart. Each glass kit comes in a 16 oz jar with a custom-filtering pour spout to keep your drinks full of deliciously-infused liquor (and leave lil' rose petals out). Choose a favorite flavor below and infuse away!

Flavor Descriptions & Pairings:
Snow Day / apple, ginger, & cardamom; perfect with whiskey or vodka
Spike The Punch / cranberry, pear, & rosemary; infuse with gin or rum
Navel Gazer / orange, cinnamon, & clove (hello, Old Fashioned!); great with whiskey or bourbon
Rose Ceremony / rose petal & raspberry; lovely with vodka, gin, or tequila
Blue Sunday / blueberry, lemon, & lavender; delicious with whiskey, vodka, gin, or tequila
Island Time / pineapple, cinnamon, & cayenne; spices up whiskey, vodka, or rum

  • 16 oz glass jar infusion kit
  • Includes pre-measured ingredients and instruction, just add liquor
  • Made in USA