Assorted Gift Bags

$ 4.00

Yay for pretty gift bags! 

Our webshop collection of gift bags varies for size and occasion, so when ordering, please keep bag dimensions in mind so your gifts will easily fit inside. We measure each gift bag Length x Height x Width (the gusset measures as the width).

For Shipping Orders: We will pack your gift bag flat inside the box!

Gift Bag Sizing Guide: 

  • For small items like jewelry, bud vases, and small candles: Enrapture, Perennial Garden, Spring Floral, and Blue Bells, and You're The Worst bags work best.
  • For medium-sized items or a collection of small gifts, try Superhero, Navy Cake Diagrams, Brown with Pink Stripe, and Star Power.
  • Medium-to-large sized items (like kitchenware, books, those heavier gifts) will probably fit best in Lavender Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Colorful, and Wedding Cakes.
  • Our biggest gift bag is Blue Bells X-Large, great for pretty much anything you can find in the Occasionette webshop!