Barr Co. Scented Hand Sanitizer

$ 10.50

We all know how important sanitizer is these days and we are loving Barr Co's lovely scented sanitizers. They somehow make your hands feel softer than before you used it, while gently cleansing. 

  • more than 60% alcohol
  • gluten free, cruelty free, not tested on animals
  • paraben free
Available in:
Grapefruit Fir - notes of juicy grapefruit zest paired with clean, fresh fir
Reserve - an earthy scent with notes of cedar and oak oils
Spanish Lime - vibrant lime scent, crisp, bright and refreshing
Coconut - fragrant creamy coconut and tropical flowers
Blood Orange & Amber - sweet & earthy blend of orange and amber essential oils 
Unscented - 80% alcohol, our most effective sanitizer