Bath Balms

$ 10.00

A good soak with a glass of wine is really all we're asking for right now. For an added perk, these Bath Balms are filled with therapeutic essential oils.

• Each Bath Balm is 8 oz.
• Made with essential oils, milk bath and Epsom salts
• Handmade in USA
• Paraben and sulfate-free

Scent Descriptions:
Dreamweaver - Lavender and chamomile for sleep.
Forever Young - Jasmine, lemongrass and rosehip for renewing.
Golden Hour - Apricot, jojoba, geranium and honey for a sweet glow.
Peace Train - Bergamot and frankincense for relaxing.
Wild Honey - Milk bath, sunflower oil, honey and oatmeal for hydrating.