Paddywax Beam Candle

$ 12.00

We're loving these bright and colorful cuties! Available in a full rainbow of colored glass, each candle is lidded for safe-keeping and has a burn time of around 20 hours.

  • 3 oz of soy wax
  • Measures 2.75" x 3"
  • Handpoured in Nashville, TN

Scent Descriptions:
Violet Vanilla / rich, sweet, and warm
Pomelo Rosebergamot and fig meet green tea and cedar
Cotton + Teak / ginger, eucalyptus, and dark teakwood
Lavender / lovely, calming, and floral
Fresh Air / sea salt, clary sage, and cedar
Tabacco Patchoulirich earth with just a touch of sweet vanilla
Cactus Flower / floral, fruity, and fresh!