Bittercube Bitters

$ 14.00

 Created by two former bartenders, these slow-crafted bitters are quickly becoming some of our favorite additions to cocktail hour. Developed and produced in Milwaukee, there's no pre-made extracts or flavors to be found here - just the loveliest flavors to kick your bevvy game up a notch!

  • 10 oz dropper bottle of slow-crafted bitters

Suggested Pairings:
Cherry Bark Vanilla 
/ great in a manhattan, old fashioned, sour, or a highball - also a wonderful vanilla extract substitute or in seltzer as a dry soda!
Orange / we love it with whiskey, gin, in a gimlet, mojito, manhattan, old fashioned,  highball, or even with a favorite wheat beer!
Bolivar  / perfect with c
hampagne, French 75, and a super-fun addition to banana bread!
Blackstrap / delicious in hot cocktails, egg white cocktails, and especially as cinnamon in baked goods!