The Chili Lab Homemade Hot Sauce Kit

$ 46.00

Perfect for the hot sauce lover in your life, here's the kit to bring the heat they love into their very own kitchen! This kit has everything they'll need to create two unique hot sauces at home (flavors described below!), including two Chili Lab spice blends, glass hot sauce bottles, a funnel, strainer, and instruction card. Altogether, this kit makes 16 oz of homemade hot sauce! 

Flavor Descriptions:
Forager's Blend / guajillo, chipotle, and pequin peppers make a smoky, earthy sauce
Grove Blend / piri piri, Anaheim, and habenro peppers create a yellow, citrusy, herby sauce

  • Kit includes 2 spice blends, 4 glass hot sauce bottles (holds 4 oz each), stainless steel funnel, fine mesh strainer, hot sauce instruction card
  • Creates 16 oz of hot sauce
  • FDA approved
  • Handwashing recommended