Curious Elixirs

$ 10.00

An all-in-one, booze-free craft cocktail, handcrafted for your ultimate enjoyment. These organic adult beverages have all the fancy feels of a high-brow cocktail, minus the alcohol!

Flavor Descriptions:
No. 1 / A spin on classic stirred cocktails (think negroni!), this slightly bubbly bevvy's sprinkled with gentian and rhodiola to help you relax. No 1's sure to leave a bold, bitter, and herby taste on your tongue. Great over ice or with a twist of orange.
No. 4 / Blood orange, green mandarin, the fizz (but not the buzz!) of prosecco, plus ginseng, turmeric, and basil's combining to create Curious Elixir's spin on the Aperol Spritz. No added sugar and zero alcohol makes this the perfect dry cocktail choice. Pour over ice and enjoy!

  • 12 oz bottle of organic, handmade, small-batch elixir
  • Made in USA