Holiday Pen Pal Curated Gift Box

$ 48.00

You'd be hard pressed to find people who love paper goods more than we do. We think the winter holidays are a perfect time to catch up with friends via snail mail. Who doesn't love getting an unexpected, thoughtful, hand written note in a beautiful card?

Each box includes: a box of 8 holiday cards from Red Cap Cards (one of our favorite card lines!), three rolls of washi tape, four Le Pen in super fun colors and a handful of exclusive stickers. 

Just a heads up! If you’re looking for cards that say something very specific, these curated boxes are probably not the best fit. We include a range of products we love, but the contents are non-refundable and not exchangeable for safety reasons during this time. We have been known to include a little extra when we can, but we can’t take special requests. If you’re up for an adventure and enjoy a surprise, this is a great purchase!