Library Tin Candles
Library Tin Candles

Library Tin Candles

$ 9.00

The library tin candles from Paddywax pair together delightful scents and your favorite classic authors. The double wick candles come in cute copper tins

Mark Twain: Soy Wax, paired with Tobacco Flower & Vanilla fragrance notes
Jane Austen: Soy Wax, paired with Gardenia, Tuberose & Jasmine fragrance notes
Ralph Waldo Emerson: Soy Wax, paired with Cedar & Wild Fern fragrance notes
Charles Dickens: Soy Wax, paired with Tangerine, Juniper & Clove fragrance notes

Size: 2.5 oz. 

Buy a library tin candle as a gift for the literary lover in your life.