Old Whaling Co. Soap

$ 7.00

Self-care beauties to bathe with. We love the bold, chromatic colors and unique scents here!

• 5 oz. Bar Soap
• Handcrafted in Charleston, South Carolina
• Scent Descriptions: 
Sea La Vie - Fragrantly floral with some citrus whimsy. Very bright and clean!
Seaweed & Sea Salt - Beachy blend of fresh kelp, musk, jasmine and apple.
Seaberry and Rose Clay - Coastal berries & beach plums with rose kaolin clay. Berry and rose hit the highest notes in this one! Coconut Milk - Warm and tropical, soft and creamy.
Indigo and Rice - Very clean with a little lemon and musky vetiver.
Magnolia - Typically we think of florals being delicate, but this bar is bold. (In a reeeeally good way.)
French Lavender - A traditional sweet lavender, with a little extra kick.