Paddywax Form Candle 12 oz

$ 30.00

Full-bodied scents in ceramic, glazed vessels. We dig a well-made candle with a lid. Added bonus, once you're done enjoying the candle, a hole in the bottom of the vessel makes it the perfect planter! Just flip the lid to the bottom to catch the water and add your fave plant pal. These are tops!

• 12 oz. soy wax candles
• Approximately 90 hours of burn time
• Each candle measures 4.5" x 3.5"
• Scent Descriptions:
Mandarin Mango - Fruity and dripping with sweetness.
Wild Fig & Vetiver - Woodsy and earthy and mild.
Tobacco Flower - Classicly smoke-filled and musky.
Palo Santo Suede - Lots of spice and bite here.
Ocean Rose & Bay - Luscious, mellow, light, and airy.
Spanish Moss - Scents of eucalyptus and mint.