Paddywax Spark 5 oz Candles

$ 11.00

Peaceful candles for channeling good vibes. Yes and yes!

• 2.125" x 2.125" x 3.875"

Scent Descriptions:
Peace / Lavender-Sage: Really herby and fresh, with a touch of tang and spice.
Celebrate / Cactus Flower: Floral, fruity, fresh!
Honey / Patchouli Tonka Bean: Sweet, sweet musk. A perfect combo.
Rainbow / Eucalyptus Santal: Floral and "green."
Imagine / Pomelo Rose: bergamot and fig meet green tea and cedar
Joy / Salted Grapefruit: Fresh and bright, top notes feature lemon and grapefruit with a sprinkle of salt
Breathe In/Vetiver and Cardamom: With earthy base notes of cedar and vetiver, with warm top notes of crushed cardamom, eucalyptus and bergamot