Paddywax Wabi Sabi Candle

$ 14.00

Wabi Sabi - the art of being perfectly imperfect. These artisan soy wax candles arrive in a matte ceramic bowl, giving the warmth and aesthetic of hand-thrown pottery. Each vessel is food safe, so once you're done burning (and they've been cleaned!), they're perfect for serving cozy comfort foods.

  • 3.5oz candles measure 3.5" x 2"
  • 12oz candles measure 4.5" x 3.5"
  • Handpoured in Nashville, TN
Scent Descriptions:
Lavender Mimosa / Lots of sweet notes, with bold floral vibes. Powerful but calming.
Amber + Smoke / Deep, rich and outdoorsy. The smoke scent holds on strong with a rugged finish.
Pink Opal + Persimmon / Very light and luscious, with subtle hints of sweet vibes.
Sparkling Bergamot / Fresh, airy and clean, with a slight bit of tang.
Evergreen + Embers / Fresh, yet rooted in deep and introspective, familiar woodsiness.