PF Candle Co Incense

$ 8.00

These incense stics are incredibly popular around here. They all have extremely bright and compelling fragrances, which sometimes can be hard to find with incense. We're loving these nature-filled aromas!

• Each set includes 15 incense sticks
• Each stick measure 10.75" long
• Scent Descriptions:
Sandalwood Rose - Airy with some sweetness to it, like finding a floral garden in the middle of the woods.
Pinon - Ultimately piney, without pining for anything extra. It's just the right mix of tang and green.
Patchouli Sweetgrass - Earthy, crisp and clean.
Amber & Moss - A little sagey, a lot of greenery and a touch of lavender.
Black Fig - Some spice, some sugary sweetness, lots of forest feels.

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