Root 23 Simple Syrup

$ 14.00
Root 23's made up of a few Ohio moms who wanted something natural and more delicious than what they could find when it came to crafting mixed drinks. We're so excited to carry their line of small-batch, all-natural simple syrups! With such lovely flavors and pure ingredients, cocktail hour is sure to be everyone's favorite hour. Root 23 recommends refrigeration upon opening and enjoying within one month.
  • 6.7 oz bottle of small-batch, all-natural flavor-infused syrup
  • Woman-owned
  • Made in USA

Pairing Suggestions:
Blueberry Mint / sweet and crisp! lovely with prosecco, gin, vodka, rum, or even as a twist in a mojito or martini
Cherry Almond / this warm, warm sweetness is perfect with bourbon, whisky, vodka and rum
Cucumber Habanero / cool and spicy, we like it with white tequila or vodka, but it's a super-fun twist to a bloody mary, moscow mule, or margarita
Grapefruit Basil / tart and savory, this one's great in a mimosa or paired with gin, vodka, or tequila
Pear Rosemary / sweet and earthy, pair this syrup with gin, vodka, or prosecco
Vanilla Ginger / versatile, spicy, yet natural, these flavors are great with bourbon, vodka, or even spritzed in your favorite lemonade or iced tea