Skeem Prism Scented Matches

$ 22.00

Scented matchsticks are a total game changer when it comes to home fragrance. Each one is infused with delightful aromas to enhance candle lighting and clearing the air even after it's extinguished.

• 60 scented matchsticks
• 5.5˝ x 2.75˝ triangular prism shaped box • Striker flint on box
• Made locally in Philadelphia
• Scent Descriptions:
Jasmine and Lotus - Slightly musky with bright florals and greens
Citrus and Olive - Strong notes of cedarwood and eucalyptus with a bit of fig
Currant and Thyme - Citrus peel with bits of raspberry
Lemon and Oak - Includes eucalyptus, ginger, orange, patchouli, spearmint and grapefruit oils
Dune Sage - Moss, sage and beach pine combined, very woodsy and enlightening