Our Mission

  • Our Mission Statement

    At Occasionette, we believe in celebrating every little occasion. Our aim is for everyone to leave our shops happier than they came in. We believe in showing your friends and family that you care. We choose love over hate. Everyone deserves equality and kindness. We believe that independent shops should serve their communities because small business has the power to make positive change. Transparency in business is important. We believe that passionate people can change the world.

  • Giving Back

    At Occasionette, we do our best to be good neighbors. We regularly donate to local and national charitable organizations and we feel you have a right to know what those organizations are. 

    Here is a list of donations we've made recently. 

    We appreciate how passionately our communities feel about worthy causes. After much careful consideration, we have decided that the most effective way for our small business to make a positive impact that reflects our values is by collecting donations in the shops and then matching them dollar for dollar once every few weeks to a designated charity, chosen by our team of employees. We feel that this is the most helpful way that we can help to make a positive difference.

    Due to an overwhelming number of requests, we are no longer able to make donations based on requests.